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China Metal Resources Utilization Limited

    China Metal Resources Utilization Limited is a leading manufacturer of scrap copper (stock code 01636). The company produces copper rod, copper bar, copper wire as well as cable, wire, network cable and enameled wire out of scrap copper.

    The company wholly controls five companies: Mianyang Jinxin Copper Co., Ltd., Mianyang Tongxin Copper Co., Ltd., Hunan Yinlian Xiangbei Copper Co. Ltd., Sichuan Baohe Xinshiji Cable Co., Ltd. and Mianyang Baohe Taiyue Communication Cable Co., Ltd. An industry chain of scrap copper and renewable resources has been formed.

    Each company shares resources and cooperates together. By making full use of collective resources, the company can increase the operating efficiency, minimize the operation risk, and realize scale effect, create high added-value of industry chain, maximize the company value and benefit.

    China Metal Resources Utilization Limited industry chain plays an important role in reducing resources and saving energy. By recycling and re-using scrap-metal, the company turns trash to treasure, utilizes resources circularly and realizes low carbon economy and sustainable development, which is significant in saving resources and energy.

    The company makes a constant contribution to establishing resource-conserving society. With a high quality management team and dedicated staff, the company adheres to the principle of innovation, concentration and mission, devotes itself to the development of recycling economy industry and the exploitation and utilization of scrap metals. By building the industry alliance, the company is committed to make an aircraft carrier of scrap nonferrous metals, establish a model of recycling economy so as to create huge value for its shareholders and the society.

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Address:Wuliliang industial zone of Youxian economic development area in Mianyang, Sichuan Province

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