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China Metal Resources utilization(1636) interim profit up 57.5% to 122 million yuan

2014-09-17 03:18:13

China Metal Resources utilization(01636) published interim results, interim profit up 57.5% to 122 million yuan,earning per share is RMB0.06.
The turnover increased from 1.152891 billion yuan (in 2013) to 1.75831 billion yuan, growth of 52.5% reflecting the group's strong financial performance in this period. Turnover increase is mainly due to productivity expansion of our subsidiary corporations-Mianyang Tongxin Copper Co., LTD and Hunan Yinlian Xiangbei Copper Co., LTD.
In the first half of 2014, group sales 37170 ton of renewable copper products, it increased 113.2% than the first half of 2013. The renewable copper products is also the main source of revenue, accounted for 89.0% of total revenue.
Chairman Yu said, we will continue to consolidate the market leadership of renewable copper products, and seek opportunities actively, purchase related business in this industry supply chain to further integration.

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