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China cable industry,New market area

2014-09-24 11:35:00

China cable industry is the second big industry, just behind auto industry. The
total output value of China power cable is more than the United States', China
became the biggest cable manufacturer. The sustained and rapid economic growth
in China, provides a huge market space for cable products, The world focus on the
huge attraction of China market. In recent decades, the large production capacity
developed in China cable industry is impressive. As the rapid growth of China
power industry, data communications, urban rail transportation, auto industry,
shipbuilding industry and other related industry, the demand of cable is growing
rapidly, China cable industry has a huge development potential in the future.
A new forecast data shows that in the next five to ten years, the using level of China aluminium alloy cable only achieve the international general level(30%), but China aluminium alloy cable industry will form a huge market of up to 300 billion yuan. Now aluminium alloy cable is a new area in China cable industry.

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