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Ensure the safety production, eliminate safety hidden trouble

2014-10-28 09:38:07

On September 22, 2014, CMRU carryed out the safety rectification work, the continuous casting and rolling line copper workshop, aisles and rolling mill guide rod cooling pool have been processed to eliminate possible safety concerns.

Copper continuous casting and rolling workshop, passageway, company make arrangements, the continuous casting and rolling workshop using color steel to split in two, separate operation area and passage. The color steel has 2 meters high to isolate copper water tank and passageway. Rolling mill guide rod cooling pool, casting system cooling pool to make protective cover plate, plate welding under the flap, the cover plate is not easy to move, and the original do flat around the pool.

Through the security check list, peer review, screening, the error correction work, group deeply to find the weak link in the process of production safety and outstanding problems, strongly encourage risk management activity, further improve and perfect the system of production safety.

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