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China cable development situation

2014-11-05 03:06:33

Yang Zeyuan once said: "the most serious problem China cable facing is not just technology, market, management and innovation, and moral issues; it is also China cable is difficult to produce with the international brand, the main reason is the lack of moral. Ze-yuan Yang to see out the nature of the cable in China market, quite "moral problem" is put forward, vision, insight.
  Cable development in our country, think only cable enterprise development of special cable is the only way out, Cable manufacture in China rapid irrational expansion in the scale, extensive development, should strengthen technological progress and product upgrading, redundant construction is very serious, cause the whole industry excess capacity, most of the enterprises in the medium and low-end market shopping, infighting, fake overrun, small profits ".In the special cable stick to moral on this issue, the main cause of this situation is not enough regulation.Special cable is some cable products for special occasions, its importance degree is much bigger than ordinary cable.

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