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The Difference Between Power Cables and Control Cables

2014-12-22 04:30:27

Power cable is used for electricity transmission and distribution functions in the trunk power system. Control cable from the power system of power distribution point to transmit electricity directly to various power connections of electrical equipment. Power cable of rated voltage up to and including 0.6/1 kv of above commonly, control cable is mainly for the 450/750 v. The same specifications of the power cables and control cables in production, the power cable insulation and sheath thickness is thicker than the control cable.

(a) Control cable belong to electrical equipment, and power cable is a cable two of five categories.

(b) Control cable standard is 9330, power cable is GB12706.

(c) The color of the control cable insulation wire core is usually white, black and low voltage is generally color separation.

(d) Control cable cross section is generally not more than 10 square, power cable is mainly the power of that are generally large cross section. Power cable of the specifications of the generally larger, to 500 square feet (normal manufacturer can produce range), again big cross section, can do manufacturers is relatively less, and control the cross section of the cable generally smaller, generally no more than 10 largest square.Some conclusions from the cable, power cable according to the request of power grid, most commonly for five core, and control cable transmission control signal, some more, according to the standard terms of more than 61 core, but also can produce according to user requirements.

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