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Image Videos of CMRU Dazzling in High-Tech & Science Expo

2015-01-23 05:56:29

October 16, the second China Science & Technology City High-Tech & Science Expo was opened in Mianyang City Sichuan Provice, China. As a leader in China circular economy, China Metal Resources Utilization Limited was invited to participate in the Expo.

High-Tech & Science Expo is an important event in our scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation. The Expo exhibition is a total of 2584 projects, 9736 exhibits, including Panasonic, Shell, etc. 72 fortune 500 companies and overseas enterprises, more than 700 well-known domestic enterprises, six military groups inculding China nuclear industry and the aircraft industry etc to exhibit.

To effectively promote corporate culture and demonstrate good corporate image, CMRU image videos broadcast every 15 seconds on LED displays in A hall museum and intermediate channel between A and B hall museum. Running print ads at the entrance gatehouse of B hall. Print ads and video ads pronged approach, the group outreach efforts achieved remarkable results.


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