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Relevant Characteristics of Aluminum Alloy Cable (1)

2015-01-30 11:23:05

Aluminum alloy cable adds alloying elements copper, iron, magnesium, aluminum and rare earth in the electrical aluminum, at the same time through the process adjusted so that the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy conductors substantial increase , avoid low elongation, poor creep resistance of aluminum conductors, the problem of poor flexibility and increase the connection reliability of the cable system. In addition, maintaining the electrical properties and aluminum electrical conductor flat of aluminum alloys, at least 61% IACS.

DC resistance of aluminum electrical conductors assessment indicators refer to GB / T3956-2008 "cable conductor", the solid conductor or stranded conductors DC resistance. And in GB / T3954-2014 "electrician round aluminum rod" has 8030 and other types of shots.

Alloy power cable to make up for past aluminum cables deficiencies, although do not increase in the conductivity of the cable, but the bending properties, creep resistance and corrosion resistance, etc. has increased greatly, and ensure the cable in a long time overload and overheating stable continuous performance. Using AA-8000 series aluminum alloy conductors, can greatly improve the conductivity of aluminum alloy cable, high temperature resistance, while addressing the aluminum conductor of electrochemical corrosion, creep and other issues.

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