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How to Properly Store Cable?

2015-02-14 02:37:58

Cable has been widely applied to various industries, so the transportation, storage of cables and other cable products has become an important part. If the cable damage in the transportation and storage, it will cause great potential safety hazard in the after use of cable.

1, Avoid that the cable is stored in the open air environment, because cable is susceptible to air oxidation.

2, Cable storage time is generally not more than two years.

3, Cable products are not in contact with the acid and alkaline substances, should be stored separately to avoid corrosion of cable surface protective layer.

4, The cable storage should periodically scroll to avoid the bottom of the cable from moisture because of prolonged storage.

5, Stored indoors, non-corrosive metal or rubber material gas exists.

6, It is forbidden to throw the cable, violence may result in the crack of the cable surface protective layer.

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