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Common Power Cable Fault and Fault Analysis

2015-02-27 02:30:27

Cable can be divided into power cable, overhead cable, control cable etc. because of different usage and materials. Today, I will introduce all kinds of reasons power cables fault.

1, Machine damage. Machine damage refers to power cable damage caused by external force, including the construction and transport damage, damage caused during the laying and damage caused by natural forces.

2, Insulation aging. Refers to the process of use, power cable is laid underground, such that the insulating laye gradually lose insulating ability under the influence of substance in the soil.

3, The overvoltage. Overvoltage refers to cable breakdown for lightning or other means.

4, The design and production process problems. Waterproof layer middle joint and terminal head design is not tight, shielded with mishandling, conductor connection is bad. And the improper selection of materials, not be deemed to consider the electric field distribution, process requirements are not strict or not in accordance with the requirements.

5, The material quality is not good, bad quality materials of power cable is mainly manifested in two aspects. First, the production, the main cable accessories manufacturing defects. Second, the construction and operational aspects.

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