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How to do if the cable fire?

2015-03-18 04:12:03

Although the flame retardation properties on cable has invested a lot of energy, but some incidents still occur frequently.

In fact, the fire resistance of cable products now has been greatly improved, but even so, the fire is still inevitable. So how should we do in the face of cable caught fire?

1, immediately turn off the power system. Cable fire phenomenon has occurred, if at this time there is a current through it, will cause more accidents and disasters. It also needs to be set around the flag, suggesting that alert people, and find out the source of the fire, time to stop.

2, clean out other combustible materials around the fire to prevent the occurrence of secondary fires, find out why the fire happened, timely solutions.

3, Some aging of cable are prone to fire, so the cable needs to regularly check. For those who have already gone out of the cable should be promptly cleaned up, can not be used again.

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