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The Differences Between Power Cable and Control Cable

2015-04-01 09:23:01

Power cable and control cable are two forms of the cable, there are many differences between the two cables. Here's a comparison of these two cables, hoping to help you.

Comparison analysis of power cables and control cables:

1, Control cable standard is 9330, power cable standard is GB12706;

2, Insulated core color of control cable is usually printed in black and white, while the low-voltage power cable are generally separations; Cross section of control cables are generally not more than 10 square feet, the main power cable is not less than 500 square feet.

3, The use specifications of power cable is generally very large, but the use specification of control cable is very small;

4, In the practical application, the number of power cable cores is generally less, but the number of control cable core is very much.

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