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Be Environmental Protection Model, Build Beautiful Mianyang

2015-04-27 10:32:35

Recently, initiated by the Mianyang Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the City Board of Education, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Mission City, City postal company, to "Striving a model of environmental protection, to build a beautiful Mianyang - I contribute to environmental protection" as the theme of environmental knowledge into campus letters activities launched in the primary school, middle schools and university. The main purpose this activity is to popularize environmental knowledge to further enhance the young people's environmental awareness and understanding of environmental pollution threats to human survival, enhance people's awareness of environmental protection.

CMRU is the largest manufacturer of recycled copper in the energy saving in China southwest, having an inescapable responsibility for environmental protection. When activity initiated, CMRU responsed positively, advocating scrap copper recycling processing by issuing carton postcards to pupil. Intuitive vivid picture form, enhance environmental awareness of young people.

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