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The Top Five Reasons for Cable Accident

2015-06-08 02:16:12

There are many accidents occurring because of the cable, what is the reason on earth?

1, The chemical corrosion. If the cable is buried directly in the role of acid-base areas, the protective layer will be the acid-base chemical attack, and over time, will reduce the insulating ability.

2, long time overload. When current flows through a conductor, often will produce some heat, so that the cable temperature will rise. If long time work overload, the current becomes large, so that the temperature of the cable is higher than could afford. The insulating capacity of the cable will speed drop, leading to accidents.

3, the cable joint failure. Cable joint is entirely determined by the people, if the fault occurs at the time of construction workers working, causing joint pressure contact not tight and so on, will lead to reducing cable insulation ability, causing an accident.

4, The external environment. The external environment has two parts, one is the natural environment, humidity and temperature. Temperature and humidity is a direct impact on the ability of the cable insulation. There is also a human factor, if the civil construction over the land of buried cables, cable insulation capability would cause great harm. If the damage is serious, it will directly lead to accidents, endanger the lives of others.

5, Cable moisture. It occurs mainly in the cable joints.

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