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A Brief Introduction of Jump Wires

2015-06-12 09:06:53

Jump wires are an electrical troubleshooting term. It does not mean jump-starting a car's battery, though battery jump cables carry out the same basic function as electrical jump wires.

Jump cables complete a circuit from one car's electrical system to another, while jump wires complete a circuit within an electrical device to help isolate a problem. As a result, in terms of electrical troubleshooting, jump wires take much smaller wires than automotive jump cables.

Electrical Circuit

The simplest electrical circuit provides a complete route for electricity to flow. A complete circuit does not have to power a device. A battery with a wire from its negative terminal to its positive terminal is a complete circuit. Modern devices don't always have circuits that are so simple, though. Complicated electrical circuits are in automobiles, computers, phones, MP3 players and other devices and machines. Sometimes one circuit will fail and cause the entire mechanism to malfunction or become completely inoperative.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Mechanics, electricians and other electrical workers use various troubleshooting skills to resolve problems. They use wiring diagrams, schematics, test lights and multimeters to help find out the reasons of electrical problems. With devices which consist of many electrical components that work together, technicians often have to isolate one or more systems to judge what the problem is. Multimeter probes can be used to jump wires.

Jump Wires

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