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2015-06-17 08:54:40

The selection of high quality control cables includes flexible control cables and flexible automation cables. These cables are used to various industries and applications, such as robotics, manufacturing, construction, power and distribution, and so on. They have commercial and industrial markets in common.

1. Control Cables Stranded in Layers

This kind of cable is easier to make and less expensive than that stranded in bundles. They are designed by laying multiple layers of stranding on top of each other. Because of this structure, the outer layers are pulled and the inner layers are compacted when the cable bends. Finally, this results in distortion and warping within the flexible cable.

2. Control Cables Stranded in Bundles

Control cables stranded in bundles are generally a little more expensive than those stranded in layers. However, in bundled cables, the layers are knitted around a tension-proof core. This allows layers to “switch places" when the cable bends, so no one layer is always compressed or always stretched. This make the control cable have a longer lifespan.

Control Cables

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