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Aluminium Cables or Copper Cables?

2015-06-25 09:07:41

As we all know, copper cables are getting more and more popular than aluminium ones. However, both of aluminium cables and copper cables own their respective advantages and disadvantages. This article will introduce the pros and cons of both from four aspects.

1. Manipulation

In terms of manipulation, aluminium cables have a great advantage over copper ones. Aluminium cables are generally much easier to handle with than copper cables because they are quite lightweight and copper cables are so heavy that more structural support becomes a necessity. Just because of this advantage, aluminium cables are highly suitable for making a connection across a great long distance.

2. Corrosion

Being liable to corrosion is a distinct disadvantage of aluminum, and this makes aluminium cables requires regular examination in case of fire . On the contrary, copper can stand high temperatures and resist to harsh conditions and damage. Consequently, copper cables do not need to be replaced timely.

3. Conductor

As is well-known, copper is much more powerful than aluminum as a electrical conductor, and it is more stable over time than aluminum.

4. Cost

As copper is a powerful electrical conductor and can withstand harsh conditions, copper cables are fairly more expensive than aluminum cables.

Whether copper cables or aluminium cables, they both have their respective advantages and disadvantages. When you have to make a choice, you have to weigh the pros and cons of both to decide which material is best for your project.

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