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Features of Aluminium Alloy Cables

2015-06-29 10:45:24

Aluminium alloy is a kind of 8000 series conductor material and is processed with special pressing and annealing. Compared with the pure aluminium cable, the aluminium alloy power cable own more powerful conductivity, highly creep resistance, highly corrosion resistance, highly flexibility, highly elongation, safer and more stable connection which guarantee that the cable keeps working stably.

The electrical conductivity of aluminium alloy is one of the most commonly used materials. According to the calculation, under the same conductive performance, the length of the same weight of aluminium alloy cable is two times of that of the copper cable. That is, to carry the same capacity, the weight of the aluminium alloy cable is approximately half of the copper one. Therefore, using aluminium alloy cables instead of copper can reduce the weight of the cable, cut down the installation cost, decrease equipment and cable's abrasion.

Aluminium Alloy Cable

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