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How to Prolong the Working Life of Coal Mining Cable?

2015-07-02 02:29:25

During the usage of coal mining cable, the local bending radius of coal cutter cables is far less than the standard bending radius. The cable is chronically and frequently subjected to excessive bend and stretch, and the conductor cross section of control core is also far less than that of main cable core, so the control core is very easy to break. Then, what should we do to prolong the working life of coal mining cable?

1. Increasing the softness of coal cutter cable.

2. Improving the relative gliding property of control core.

3. Strengthening the power of coal cutter conductor.

4. Changing the conductor’s structure from the original stranded one to a regular twisted one. This change can increase the conductor’s bending property and power by weaving around with steel wire.

5. Another good idea is that control core can be woven with the mixture of tin-plated copper and steel wire.

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