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The Inland Current Situation of Aluminium Alloy Cable

2015-07-06 03:34:20

Aluminium alloy cable is not something new any longer and its advantages in property and price have passed the authoritative test. Statistics show that the market share of copper cable is still over 90 percent. However, this is not an obstacle for the good tendency that aluminium alloy cable is getting accepted stage by stage.

According to relevant data, aluminum alloy cable which owns higher cost performance and superior electrical properties has been used for about forty years in the European and American countries. It was used especially in hospital, church and government. On the whole, it seems that there is a large distance in sales volume of aluminium alloy cable and copper cable. But small orders of aluminium alloy cable from government, factory, hospital and residential houses present an obvious increasing tendency. It means that aluminium alloy cable has been accepted widely in the most basic cable application fields and in the most complicated working conditions and also symbolizes the brilliant future of aluminium alloy cable.

Aluminium Alloy Cable

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