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Safety Performance of Aluminium Alloy Cable

2015-07-08 10:52:04

1.Historical Evidence

Aluminium alloy cable has been used 47 years up to now since it was researched and developed by Americans in 1968. Its usage is quite widespread and the market share is up to 80 percent in north America. During the past 47 years, there is no trouble happening in the usage of aluminium alloy cable so it is safe.

2.Testing and Certification

Aluminium alloy cable has passed the test of the American UL, Canadian CUL and Australian SAI GLOBA which are international authoritative institutions. At the same time, it has also got certifications of China's national inspection center of cable and wire, Wuhan high voltage research institute of state grid, the supervision and inspection center of national fireproof construction materials'quality, and so on.

3.The Constituents'Effect of Aluminium Alloy

The conductivity and connection performance of aluminium alloy conductor is greatly increased after adding rare earth and iron to the alloy conductor. Especially when the conductor is annealing, iron makes it gain high creep resistance. When the current overloads, iron plays a role of persistent connection so that the aluminium alloy conductor will not creep.

4.Flame Retardant Property

Aluminium alloy cable uses flame retardant silane cross-linked polyethylene as the insulating material and adopts self-locking armoured structure in craft. The heat dispersion is much better than the PVC sheath material. The fire can quickly extinguish after flame disappears and will not ignite other materials.

Aluminium Alloy Cable

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