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What's Network Jump Wire?

2015-07-18 02:38:54

Network jump wire is a little switch controlling current flowing on the circuit board. It is used to adjust on-off of equipment's different electrical signals so as to adjust the equipment's working state which refers to determining the master-slave relationship of the main-board voltage and drive.

Basically, Network jump wire consists of two parts. One is composed of two or more than two metal jump needles which are fixed on the mainboard, hard disk or other equipment. The other is jumper cap. It is a moving assembly unit whose outer layer is insulating plastics and inner layer is conducting material. Jumper cap can connect two jump needles by inserting them. When jumper cap is buckled on two jump needles, there is current flowing in it and we call this "ON". On the contrary, when jumper cap is not buckled on the jump needles, we call that "OFF".

Network Jump Wire

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