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The Structure of Radio Frequency Coaxial Cable

2015-07-23 10:28:52

Radio frequency coaxial cable is the cable that has two concentric conductors and whose conductors and shielding layer share the same axis. The insulating material of radio frequency coaxial cable consists of the physical foaming polyethylene isolating copper conductor. Outside of the nexine insulating material is another layer of ring conductor, namely outer conductor. The outer conductor adopts copper strip forming and welding, or aluminum tube, or braided structure. Then, the whole cable is encased by the sheath of PVC materials.

Radio frequency coaxial cable is one of the most common transmission media in local area network. As stated above, the pair of conductors used to transmit information is made according to the structure that a layer of outer conductor of cylinder type is harnessed outside of the inner conductor, and the two conductors are isolated by insulating material. The outer conductor and the central axis core are on the same axis so this kind of cable is named radio frequency coaxial cable. It is to prevent the external electromagnetic wave from interfering the transmission of abnormal signal that the cable is designed to be like this.

Radio Frequency Coaxial Cable

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