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A Brief Introduction of Power Cable

2015-07-28 04:07:15

Power cable is the cable used to transmit and distribute high power electric energy in the main line of electric power system. It includes all kinds of voltage grade (1-500KV and above) power cables and all sorts of insulated power cables.

Power cable is usually applied in urban underground power grid, the outlet line of power station, the internal power supply of industrial and mining enterprises and underwater transmission line. In the power line, the proportion of power cable is gradually growing.

Power cable is composed of four parts:

Wire Core: it is the conductor of power cable and the main part of the cable.

Insulation Layer: the layer insulates the wire core from the land and other wire cores of different phases so as to ensure the power transmission. Thus, insulation layer is an indispensable part.

Shielding Layer: power cables of 15KV and above usually have the conductor shielding layer and insulation screen.

Protective Layer: this layer is to protect the power cable from the the intrusion of impurities and moisture and to prevent the external force from damaging the cable directly.

Power Cable

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