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Differences Between Power Cable and Control Cable

2015-08-03 10:43:12

Power cable and control cable are two of the five categories of cable. What are the differences between the two kinds of cables?

1. Main Application

Power cable is used to transmit and distribute high power electric energy in the main line of electric power system. Control cable is applied to transmit electric energy directly to the power connection lines of all kinds of electric equipment.

2.Rated Voltage

The rated voltage of power cable is usually more than and including 0.6/1KV. While, the rated voltage of control cable is mostly 450/750V. Therefore, in the process of producing the same specification of power cable and control cable, the insulating sheath of power cable is much thicker than that of control cable.

3.The Color of the Insulation Wire

The insulation wire of control cable is usually black with white words. However, according to different voltages, the colors of the insulation wire of power cable are different.

4.The Area of Cross Section

The cross section's area of control cable does not exceed 10 square. The cross section of power cable is usually very large because it is mainly used to transmit electric energy.

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