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Fire Precaution Measures of Power Cable

2015-08-07 04:03:28

In order to prevent cable fire accident, we should adopt the following precaution measures:

1. Select the power cable satisfying the requirement of thermal stability.

Under normal circumstances, the selected power cable should be able bear the heat caused by rated load in a long period. In the case of short circuit, the cable should satisfying the requirement of transitory thermal stability.

2. Prevent overload operation.

When the cable is operating with a certain load, the load should not exceed the rated load. Once the cable operates with overload, control the overload operation time strictly in case of cable fire.

3. Follow the rules attached to the cable.

4. Inspect regularly.

5. Seal the cable holes tightly and set fireproof door and partition.

6. Peel the exterior jute protective layer of the cable not directly buried.

7. Keep the cable tunnel clear and maintain proper ventilation.

8. Keep the cable tunnel or channel have good lighting.

9. Prevent fire into the cable trench.

10. Inspect and test the cable regularly.

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