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The Internet Enhancing the Development of Cable Industry

2015-08-15 04:26:03

At present, most domestic cable enterprises are facing excess production capacity, cost rising, financing difficulty, sustainable development and other problems. It is the major task for the whole industry to accelerate the exploration of new methods of transformation development.

The Internet is a new method and a new reform for the traditional production-marketing model of cable industry. It offers new chances for those enterprises with the troubles of over capacity, cutthroat competition and so on.

1. The Internet at first solves the problem of supply and demand information blocking. It makes the demander all over the world rapidly find the supplier.

2. It helps the pattern of research-production-marketing realize networking and intellectualization which leads manufacturers to manage the production according to each region's demand index and market indicator in the whole world.

3. The Internet promotes the transformation of channel distribution. The manufacturers open channel distribution right to some regions in the world and provide resellers with sales support, brand promotion and customer service through the Internet.

Under the inspiration and stimulation of the Internet, cable enterprises will meet a new round of innovation and adjustment.

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