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What to Cause Cable Damped?

2015-08-17 02:57:43

1, Purchased cable has no effective seal, just a simple way to wrap. The sealing of the cable is not good.

2, The cable is in the process of laying, cable head with plastic wrapped sometimes immersed in water, and the water will enter the cable. This problem is caused by the improper storage, so naturally it will affect the normal use of the cable.

3, After laying, cable head is not timely produced. So not process sealed cable port is long-term exposure to the air, even immersed in water, so a lot of moisture into the cable.

4, In the process of cable production, the negligence of the operator will result in the cable head into the water, making cable damp.

In daily life, the reasons leading to the cable damped are mainly in the above aspects, there may be other reasons causing cable damped. In the future we will do the relevant description.

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