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Export Volume of Cable Products Will Increase Continuously!

2015-08-27 03:59:46

In the past four years, the export volume of above 1kV power cable products in China has risen by 150%. China cable industry is going through the low growth of industrial restructuring. At the same time, the new normal of China's economic development has a huge influence on the native small and medium cable manufacturers. In the next few years, the numbers of cable manufacturers in China will decline continuously but the concentration ratio of the whole industry begins to rise.

According to the export data of power cable products in the past four years, the voltage of 90% of exported cable is between 1kV and 35kV, that is, low voltage cable products is the main exported cable products. As a result, the weakness of the manufacture of high-end cable products in China is further demonstrated.

However, with the restructuring and further optimization of China's cable industry, the export volume of cable products made in China will grow continuously.

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