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AAAC All Aluminium Alloy Conductors

All Aluminium Alloy Conductors(AAAC) 
standard:IEC Sizes IEC 61089,BS EN50182,IEC61089,ASTM B399 
AAAC wire,AAAC cable,ACSR


The conductor consists of Aluminum Magnesium-Silicon alloy wires stranded in successive layers in opposite direction and the outer layer is right hand direction Z. Natural grease may be applied between the layers of AAAC except the outer layer.

Construction as per ASTM B399,DIN 48201,BS EN 50182,IEC 61089,CSA C49.

AAAC bare conductors are used for primay and secondary overhead power transmission lines having long spans and high resistance to corrosion.
For IEC Standard/ For British Standard
All-Aluminium Alloy Conductors(AAAC)  IEC Sizes IEC 61089

Detailed Product Description:
AAAC (All Aluminum Alloy Conductor) referred to have higher strength but lower conductivity than pure aluminum.being lighter, alloy conductors can sometimes be used to advantage in place of the more conventional ACSR;having lower breaking loads than the latter,their use becomes particularly favourable when ice and win loadings are low.
 We can supply this conductor according to different recognized standards,such as BS EN50182,IEC61089,ASTM B399DIN 48, customer special specification also can be satisfied.

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