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Fluoroplastics insulated power cable


Widely used in fixed installations for rated voltage upto(Uo/U)0.6/1kv,as power transmission lines in high temperature areas
Tape and designation
FF-20  F46 insulated & sheathed power cable
FF22-200  F46 insulated & steel tape armor, F46 sheathed power cable
FV105  F46 insulated 105°c PVC sheathed power cable
FV22-105  F46 insulated, steel tape armor 105°c PVC sheathed power cable
Operating Characteristics:

1) Max. Operating temperature:
A) FF-200, FF22-200: 200; C
b) FV-105, FV22-105: 105; C

2) Environment temperature of installation:
A) FF-200, FF22-200: -60 ~ +200; C
b) FV-105, FV22-105: -15 ~ +105; C

3) Min. Bending radius should be no smaller than 15 times of cable outer diameter

4) It has good resistance to corrosive, all-weather, flame-retardant, fire-resistant character

5) Conductor resistance complies with the stipulations of GB3956

6) Voltage test: 3.5KV/5mins no breakdown

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