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Fluoroplastic insulated flame-retardant PVC sheath control cable

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Fluoroplastic insulated flame-retardant PVC sheath control cable
450/750V Copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed control cable
PVC Insulated Control Cable,Copper/Aluminium Conductor,Galvanized steel tape Armoured

1. Standard: GB9330(IEC227), also can do by standard of ASTM,BS,DIN and AS/NZS or other standards as request.

2.Rated Voltage:450/750V(0.6/1KV) or below

Conductor:Copper or Aluminium
Insulation: PVC/XLPE /Silicon rubber
Inner sheath:PVC or PE
Armoured:Galvanized steel tape or galvanized steel wire

a.MAX Long-time operating temperature of PVC insulated control cable is 70°C,XLPE insulated control cable is 90°C
b.Installing temperature of cable should not be less than 0°C
c.Permissible Bending radius of cable: non-armoured cable should not less than 6 times.Armoured or copper tape screen should not be less than 12 times.The soft screen cable should not be less than 6 times.

5.  Application:
Applied for connections of electric equipment in controlling,monitoring loop and circuit protecting at Rated AC voltage 450/750V or less than.
Power plants,Factories,Mined indoor,Ports and Petrochemical enterprises,Pipeline etc. Stationary Places.

1.Excellent electric and mechanical characteristics
2.Best Resistance chemical corrosion and heat-aging,environment stress and flame-retardant
3.Simple in structure,Convenient to use

TypeNameCore NO.Nominal cross Sec.(mm2)Rated Voltage(V)
KVVCopper,PVC insulated,PVC            sheathed Control cable2--610.75--10450/750
KVV20Copper,PVC insulated,PVC sheathed, Bare steel tape armoured Control cable2--610.75--10450/750
KVV22Copper,PVC insulated,PVC sheathed,            Steel-tape armoured Control cable2--610.75--10450/750
KVV30Copper,PVC insulated,PVC sheathed,Bare fine steel wire armoured Control cable2--610.75--10450/750
KVV32Copper,PVC insulated,PVC sheathed,Fine steel wire armoured Control cable2--610.75--10450/750
KVVPCopper,PVC insulated,PVC sheathed copper wire shielded Control cable2--610.75--10450/750
KVVP2Copper,PVC insulated,PVC sheathed, Copper tape shielded control cable2--610.75--10450/750
KVVP3Copper,PVC insulated,PVC sheathed, ELE shielded Control cable2--610.75--10450/750
KVVRCopper,PVC insulated,PVC sheathed, Flexible Control cable2--610.75--10450/750
KVVRPCopper,PVC insulated,PVC sheathed,Copper wire braiding shielded, Flexible Control cable2--610.75--10450/750
ZR-KVVCopper,PVC insulated,PVC sheathed, Flame-retardant Control cable2--610.75--10450/750
NH-KVVCopper,PVC insulated,PVC sheathed,Fire-resistant Control cable2--610.75--10450/750

XLPE Control cable

TypeNameCore NO.Nominal cross Sec.(mm2)Rated Voltage(V)
KYJVCopper,XLPE insulated,PVC sheathed Control cable2--610.75--10450/750
KYJVPCopper,XLPE insulated,PVC sheathed,Shielded Control cable2--610.75--10450/750
KYJVP2Copper,XLPE insulated,PVC sheathed,Copper tape shielded Control cable2--610.75--10450/750
KYJVP3Copper,XLPE insulated,PVC sheathed,ELE shielded Control cable2--610.75--10450/750
KYJVP22Copper,XLPE insulated,PVC sheathed,Steel-tape armoured Control cable2--610.75--10450/750
KYJVRCopper,XLPE insulated,PVC sheathed,Flexible Control cable2--610.75--10450/750
KYJVRPCopper,XLPE insulated,PVC sheathed,Braiding shielded,Flexible Control cable2--610.75--10450/750
NH-KYJVCopper,XLPE insulated,PVC sheathed,Fire-resistant Control cable2--610.75--10450/750

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